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検 索 勧 告 Ryushin's Dojo Advisor

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For many years, co-training in "other" dojo's and clubs, but also in other styles and martial arts, is one of my great passions in karate. On holiday, for example, I always - and not always to the delight of my family - with my Gi and try to train in a local Dojo / club. The same applies to my professional travels. And so some experiences have come together over the years, which I would like to share.

I have personally visited all linked dojos / clubs here. Where I was allowed to practice, I have - depending on my personal experience / feeling - the evaluation in the categories recording, training, trainer, dojo and recommendation:

* * * * * 5 stars, i.e. super nice welcome, great training class, great coach, great dojo, best recommendation
* * * * 4 stars, i.e. very nice welcome, very good training class, very good coach, very good dojo, highly recommended
* * * 3 stars, i.e. nice shot, good training, good coach, good dojo, recommended
* * 2 stars, i.e. welcome so so. same goes for the training class, coach and the dojo itself, however still recommended
* 1 star, i.e. welcome rather unfriendly/ bad, as well as the training, coaches and the dojo, not really recommended. But at least: I was allowed to join a class

The year of my last visit/ participation in training is in parentheses behind the club/ dojo name and its rating.

For some dojos / clubs, I was unfortunately refused entry training, i. despite being personally introduced, it was not allowed to participate in the training - partly because of hair-raising reasons. These dojos / clubs are of course included in my visit list, but I take there - for understandable reasons - no review. You can tell'em as I put a question mark ?  behind their club/ dojo name and rating.

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